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Maria8 29 days ago

Signature Crispy Meyer Lemon & Honey Duck Wings

I really love ♥️ The service and management with how they treat their customers like vip royalty. The menu has a huge variety of dishes with yummy deserts. Great selection of wine to boot.

Lschweikert1 about 2 months ago

Warm Fromage Blanc Brownie

Seriously the BEST brownie and Nutella ice cream you will have ever have. If you love brownies or chocolate it is a must try! All of their food is amazing!

Linda 2 months ago

Blackberry & Cabernet Sauvignon Sorbet

Surprised and delighted to see this class A eatery in the middle of Orange County! The food is extraordinary and pleased even my picky boyfriend. I could not believe how attentive the staff was nor the beautiful presentation. Saavy decor though if food is what you come for, you'll be glad you came. Occasion was a birthday dinner.

Jen7red7 2 months ago

Ironwood American Wagyu Beef Burger

First time here and it was date night (wootwoot). It was refreshing to try a new restaurant that offered seasonal ingredients and a carefully crafted menu. Our server was friendly and she offered helpful suggestions. I had the Wagyu burger and it was well-seasoned, juicy and so fresh--I simply cannot do fast food burgers again. My boyfriend had the zinfandel braised lamb shank and it was fork tender and had excellent flavors. I also had a glass of red wine from Honig Winery (beautiful winery in Napa been there once). Next visit we will try some cocktails, nibble on the mac n cheese and burrata and enjoy the outdoor patio. Great find! - J&D

Cjg 3 months ago

House Made Giant Meatball

Wow...this is one GIANT awesome meatball. Served over a flat pasta. Be prepared to's that big.

Kahrlly Patricia 3 months ago

Signature Crispy Meyer Lemon & Honey Duck Wings

Staff are welcoming and very professional. The ambiance is just right and that adds a lot to the experience. We started the night off with a delightful, eye catching menu item, the Signature Crispy Meyer Lemon & Honey Duck Wings (oh my goodness where have you been all my life!) Jared's creation tossed in chili and chives. I had the first taste just be looking at my plate! Think dining al Frescö in Thailand (Peking duck) and take your first bite, you can thank me later. The texture was on point and I have never tried anything like this before. Highly recommend. Why you may ask? Well crispy, tender and juicy. It's an infusion of chili mild citrus while astringent taste is dry and light. We Blue crab croquettes with saffron aioli, granny smith apple & fennel salad, toasted hazelnuts, tobiko caviar, also very delicious. Total hit at our table. Can't go wrong with that. We had mire items will love to share our experience on another review. Love this place :)))) Kahrlly Patricia J.

Martinewehr 3 months ago

Fried Green Tomatoes with Fresh Burrata

The service and food was excellent and we had a toddler with us! We are returning for our wedding anniversary next week.

Hdduece 3 months ago

Crispy Jidori Chicken Schnitzel with Maitake Mushrooms

I've never seen a larger chicken breast!! This "beast of a breast" covers the entire plate! The roasted apple and thyme emulsion sets it apart from any other schnitzel. Love the seasonal veggies being fresh from the farm.

Hdduece 3 months ago

Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye Steak

Probably the best rib eye on any menu. Juicy, succulent and seasoned to perfection. I highly recommend this menu item.

Arthur 3 months ago

Zinfandel Braised Napa Lamb Shank

Our dinner guests asked me what do I recommend for entree. My retort to them was simply, I have and continue to return to what is now my most favorite restaurant in this area near Laguna Woods and possibly all of Orange County. One of the basic draws to this 5 star and eventual Michelin to be rated is the fact that I want to try every entree offered but I cant stop ordering Lamb Shank. The taste is beyond comprehension. I have dabbled on my spouses plate to try other offerings and they are incredible ..... but while I survey the offerings before coming to Ironwood Craft Grille ..... I get there and with all good intention order Lamb Shank. OMG

Oclifefitness 4 months ago

Chefs Daily Meat Selection

Food and atmosphere was amazing. Came with my parents and girlfriend and it was a very pleasant experience. I am very happy that they were pleased with the decor and service. Food was awesome and just an overall good experience!

Dlarson4 4 months ago

Crispy Jidori Chicken Schnitzel with Maitake Mushrooms

I had heard about the crispy Jidori Chicken Schintzal from a friend. It is so delicious! My daughter had a taste of mine and she ended up getting that dish for her birthday dinner. I highly recommend it! Winner winner crispy Jidori Chicken Schintzal dinner!

Autumn 4 months ago

Chefs Daily Market Fresh Seafood

Rainbow Trout with Herb butter and seasonal veggies. I live in NorCal but I want to come back! Delicious and cooked perfectly! Took about 5 bites past being full purely for the taste. Lol #sorrynotsorry

Guest 5 months ago

Chefs Daily Meat Selection

Had the Coffee Crusted Filet the first time I went to was the main reason I returned. I look forward to it being on the menu again in the future.

Jhilyerbd 5 months ago

Crispy Jidori Chicken Schnitzel with Maitake Mushrooms

It was outstanding as well as the macaroni, season fries and brownie dish. Posting a link to your site on my FB page today. Met Kyle Simpson last weekend while I was working and he recommended that I drop by for dinner with my wife. Great idea we both loved the food and the service was outstanding.

Julieyap5 5 months ago

Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye Steak

One of the meals we ever had! Food and service are excellent!

John 6 months ago

Zinfandel Braised Napa Lamb Shank

Ahhhhhmazing! The meat falls off the bone.

Guest 6 months ago

Signature Crispy Meyer Lemon & Honey Duck Wings

This is truly and amazing appetizer. We have enjoyed it on every visit!

Mamagskitchenla 6 months ago

Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye Steak

The most moist and flavorful steak I've had in quite awhile!! My husband and I are big meat eaters and we genuinely are a bit snobby when it comes to good steak especially Rib eye because marbling is everything. The first bite we took into all the juices just swirled into our mouth with bursts of flavor! Red mash potatoes are always the best because the consistency is smoother then regular potatoes, also it's a perfect dish because they give you an ample amount of seasonal vegetables to pair with a meaty bite and let me tel you the only thing I regret asking for is more sauce on my steak because I am a sauce feen!

Miriamp62 7 months ago

Pan Roasted Mediterranean Branzino

What a wonderful pre-concert dinner at Ironwood our party of four enjoyed this evening. From the consistently excellent service to the accommodating waitstaff-- so much added to our positive and memorable experience. Ironwood: You've gained patrons for life. With fresh, tasty ingredients in every dish and drink artistically presented, I can now confirm that Ironwood will be a destination for life's many celebrations in this family!

Djbs321 about 1 month ago

Certified Angus Bone-In Ribeye Steak

Amazing as always. Never disappointed with the food the wine and the atmosphere

Nicoledavidsohn about 2 months ago

Chefs Daily Meat Selection

I am gluten-free but have tasted this crispy jidori chicken with mushrooms and its literally the best chicken I've ever tried in my life! Since I can't handle gluten, I came back with family and ordered it gluten free... and it was still friggin delicious. They were so kind to make sure everything I ate was safe. The service here is top notch and number one in Aliso Viejo. The closest thing to it is Raya at Ritz Carlton, but that menu doesn't get me as excited. A true gem in our AV backyard. Thank you Chef and team <3

Nichole 2 months ago

Zinfandel Braised Napa Lamb Shank

My favorite dish!!! My Husband LOVES the goat cheese beet salad!! Love this restaurant

1cjreynolds 2 months ago

House Made Giant Meatball

This meatball is amazing! Large enough to split and delicious. My Wife and I split one - she had the Organic Butter Lettuce and Herbed Goat cheese salad. Portion was also shareable! I had the Chef;s Soup of the day (Onion, red potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese) - it was amazing! Wines by the glass are very reasonably priced and the cocktail I had was exceptional (Don't Rye About It) - Vanilla Infused Rye, Aperol and Sweet Vermouth - Would not have paired these but it turned out great... We'll be returning soon!

Jramsay 3 months ago


One of my favorite cocktails! Very refreshing and fun. It keeps me coming back.

Edge906 3 months ago

Zinfandel Braised Napa Lamb Shank

Tender, flavorful, and beautiful.

Blperion 3 months ago

Ironwood American Wagyu Beef Burger

Me, my wife and mom, came here for my cousin's company Christmas party. The food was amazing. We had the burger, steak, fries, veggies, dessert everything was great. I highly recommend this place.

Hdduece 3 months ago

House Made Giant Meatball

You haven't had a meatball until you've had an Ironwood Giant meatball. Italian flavors and ribbon spinach pasta along with the seasonal vegetables makes this one of my "go to" menu items. This is the only dinner item my grandson will order because he loves it so much.

V 3 months ago

House Cut Herb Fries

We came here for a family get together. The Food and service was Amazing! Their House Fries were not the only item we tried which by the way were the best fries I've ever eaten they were addictive!!, their Crispy Brussel sprouts, Wagyu Burger, Heirloom Vegetables, Steak, and Organic Butter lettuce were all outstanding in flavour, presentation and cooked to perfection. Topped off with the Oatmeal raisin Cookie Crumble for dessert and this was the perfect family get together I will cherish, because of great food and wonderful service that makes you feel welcome and want to come back again and again.

Nicoledavidsohn 3 months ago

Crispy Jidori Chicken Schnitzel with Maitake Mushrooms

We lovingly call this "the Huge chicken nugget" in our house. We order with a side of fries for the Kids Meal out of your dreams! Best chicken you will ever taste and always prepared perfectly. You won't regret this decision.

Maleanza 4 months ago

Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye Steak

The steak was amazing, great flavor and so tender. Better than Ruths Chris. The service was great and everyone was so friendly, will definitely be back!

Cwilsey100 4 months ago

Chefs Daily Market Fresh Seafood

Ironwood is one of our favorite restaurants in Orange County! The food, ambiance, service, menu selections, location and cocktails are superb!

Yoona 5 months ago

Chefs Daily Market Fresh Seafood

My husband and I recently had our anniversary dinner there and I was lucky enough to try the delicious Chef's daily market fresh fish. It was the mahi mahi and it was cooked to perfection! The flavors were robust and savory. The fish melted in my mouth. Every bite was a taste of heaven! My husband had the chefs daily meat and the steak was mouth watering! We absolutely loved the food and the ambiance. We were admiring the layout of the restaurant. It was spacious and clean. The energy of the restaurant and the people working there were incredible! Definitely made our dining experience enjoyable!

Wayne 5 months ago

Chefs Daily Market Fresh Seafood

Came for my birthday with family. Lots of different preferences. I had the fresh fish Chefs dish. Our waitress went and checked on a question I had, came back saying it was the Chef's favorite fish dish. Well, it was excellent. As was all the meals at our table. Very Hightly recommend this place - service was very good, and a wonderful vibe.

P51dude 5 months ago

Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye Steak

Absolutely the best! My wife and I love Ironwood. The food is always cooked to perfection and along with the fantastic service it makes the best Friday or Saturday night dinners to relax after a long week. The restaurant itself has a nice ambiance with low to mid noise level so we can enjoy our meal and have nice conversation. I feel the meals are priced very good especially since the food and service is so good. I would recommend Ironwood for any occasion. I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Scottreymer0 5 months ago

Chefs Daily Meat Selection

I celebrated my birthday there was looking for a steak The best I ever had and the service and the staff were the best will always eat there and tell all my friends thank you for the wonderful birthday Ironwood had that drink Scott and my name is Scott it was great to everything I got was over the top and out of this world thank you Ironwood Scott

Pbojakowski 6 months ago

House Made Giant Meatball

This meatball is a solo act and no sneeze would ever cause it to roll on the floor and out the door. It's the perfect blend of seasonings and baked just right. Yummy!

Maryyp28 6 months ago

Ironwood American Wagyu Beef Burger

I can't rave enough about this restaurant. My fiancé and I have been to this restaurant about 7 times. We have had a handful of items on the menu and they are all AMAZING. As of last night, my absolute favorite item on the menu is the waygu burger. I'm still drooling over it. The flavors are just to die for & the quality of food is just out of this world. Juicy patty with bacon jam in every bite!

Mark 6 months ago

Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye Steak

This is always prepared to perfection. Along with other wonderful dishes (love the giant meatball!), Ironwood is a terrific restaurant that never disappoints.

James 7 months ago

Chefs Daily Meat Selection

No matter what you order ,its over the top. What ever the chief has as a special you should try it. Also have a mixtolajust cocktail and dessert cocktail. All i can say is it's special starting at the front door to finish. 10 stars


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